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Courses I teach:

In the spirit of open courseware, I will send you all of the material from the two courses I currently teach, FIN 7400:  Financial Risk Management, an advanced MS/MBA elective, and BADM 7090, the core course in finance for the MBA program.  Email me if you want these materials.

Teaching Notes:

The following items are called Teaching Notes.  These are short technical notes in pdf format.  I use them to fill in material not covered or not adequately covered in a specific book I might be using.  Every effort has been made to ensure typographical and technical accuracy, but no guarantees are made.  If you find any errors, please let me know.  The naming convention yy-xx is based on the year that I first wrote the document and the order in which it was written that year.  Thus, TN99-03 was the third document written in 1999.

SPECIAL FOR THOSE WANTING TO LEARN DERIVATIVES:  These notes are in the order in which I wrote them and do not build on each other.  Go to this page for a suggested course of study that tells you which order you should read these notes if you are using them to learn derivatives in general.

(FONT PROBLEMS?  Many of these files were created when I used WordPerfect.  I then converted them to Word but in some cases, they retained old fonts from WordPerfect.  You may have trouble reading some of these due to font difficulties.  If you do, please let me know ( and I will fix it.)


REMOVAL OF SOME ITEMS:  Quite a few of these pdfs have been removed as they are now incorporated into a book that is in progress.  Sorry, but I feel I have to protect my intellectural capital.  The links have been removed so no need to click on them.  If you are interested in the topic, it will be covered in a forthcoming book.

MBA Teaching Notes

These items were written for my MBA introductory course in finance.  They are designed to supplement and elaborate on certain material that is not covered adequately in the text.  I may add some more from time to time.  These notes are distinguished from the ones above by the fact that these are relatively non-technical in comparison to those above.

*MBATN08-01 (Calculating Your Wealth) has been removed because I now use it as a presentation during our MBA orientation.  If you are interested in this case and spreadsheet, email me at  MBATN08-03 has also been removed.

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