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This page reflects my effort to improve my guitar playing and singing.  By putting these out here, I am not trying to show off in any way.  What I am doing is what any person should do who is trying to improve in music:  force yourself to perform in such a manner that you render a satisfactory performance, one you would not mind anyone hearing.  By forcing myself to record and placing the recordings on the Internet, I challenge myself to reach my highest level of performance.  Of course, everyone can also improve and indeed, each song would have benefitted from at least one more take, but at some point, you wear out.

As anyone will tell you when you record, it is truly difficult to perform a song flawlessly from start to finish.  Professional recordings are spliced and edited.  These songs were performed repeatedly until I achieved a satisfactory rendering.  The only editing was using Audacity to elevate the volume in some cases.  The recordings were made with an Olympus LS-10 recorder at my house, playing my Martin DC16-GTE acoustic guitar or Yamaha keyboard with no amplification.

This kind of singing and playing works best if you stick with somewhat quiet ballads.  You'll see my preference for Paul McCartney songs, as he obviously liked the soft ballads.

The songs listed below with (v) were recorded using a BOSS VE-20 vocal effects processor that adds a second layer of my voice in harmony.

Fingerpicked songs:

Strumming songs (played with a pick or strummed with fingers): (w/RH means recorded with Rudy Hirschheim on bass)

Keyboard songs (played with my Yamaha keyboad):

Originals (songs I have written)


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Last updated: June 26, 2021