Bibliography of "Alternative" Literature on Derivatives and Risk

Compiled by Don Chance

This collection of articles is the literature that you may have missed. Every article deals in some way with derivatives or people involved in derivatives. Some are wacky and off-beat. Others show unusual creativity and insight. All are, to put it simple, "different."

"A Brief History of Derivatives."  The Economist (February 19, 1996), 6.

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"Marines Take Tips From Merc Traders in Zero-Sum Game. Lesson in Working Under Fire is an Annual Joint Event For Stout-Hearted Types." The Wall Street Journal (December 16, 1996), p. A11.

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"The Sky Is the Limit." Risk (January, 1998), p. 7.

"The Pit People." The Wall Street Journal (January 23, 1986), 33.

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"Trader Takes the Mound." Futures (November, 1995), 16.

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Waterloo, Claudia. "Dressing for Success Sometimes Demands Plaids & Polka Dots." The Wall Street Journal (March 16, 1983), 1, 24.

"Whatever Floats Your Boat." Risk (August, 1998), 13.

Zimmermann, Heinz and Wolfgang Hafner.  "Amazing Discovery:  Vincenz Bronzin's Option Pricing Models."  Journal of Banking and Finance 31 (2007), 531-546.


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