Ten Famous People I'd Like to Have Dinner With

(Don Chance)

(listed alphabetically)

Drew Brees:  Truly one of the most talented and nicest human beings on the planet.

Carly Fiorina:  She should have been President.  All the phony crap said about her is total hogwash who don't have a clue what this person's real story is.  What a talented and compassionate person.

Nikki Haley:  Hopefully she will be the first woman President.  What a job she has done at the UN.

Dennis Miller:  I never stop laughing at whatever this guy says.

Benjamin Netanyahu:  The best and most courageous world leader since Churchill

Condoleeza Rice:  I could not admire her any more than I already do.  What accomplishments she had made.  An astounding person with unbelievable skills of persuasion.

Gary Sinise:  Very talented actor and musician who has gone a long way to supporting our soldiers.

Tim Tebow:  It's just not possible to make a better human being than this young man.  I love how he lets the criticism from the gutless crud that attacks him just bounce off his back.

Kurt Warner:  You might be surprised to see his name on the list, but read his life story.  What he overcame is incredible.  

Clint Eastwood:  I'd love to ask him questions about his incredible life.

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Last updated:   February 18, 2018