M.S. Programs in Finance at U.S. Universities

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The following is a set of links to specialty masters programs in finance.  To be included on this list, a program must

You can email me with suggestions for consideration and corrected links:  dchance@lsu.edu.  Be sure you send the link, not just the name of the school.


Another very useful resourceMasters in Finance HQ

Finally, I invite you to consider the LSU Master of Science in Finance Program.  [OK, I know this is a shameless promotional, but I run this web site and get nothing out of it.  Therefore, I am taking this opportunity to plug our own MS program.]  LSU has been offering M.S. degrees in finance for at least four decades.  We typically have 15-30 students in each beginning class.  Graduating students are currently placing very well.  There is no specific specialty, so you can tailor your own program.  The most common career path of our recent graduates is asset management.  So I invite you to check out the web site of the LSU Master of Science in Finance program.  For any questions, please contact the program director (not me), who is identified at the link provided here.

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Last updated: anuary 17, 2021