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Don M. Chance, Ph.D., CFA
William H. Wright Endowed Chair for Financial Services
E. J. Ourso College of Business Administration
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA  70803
225-763-6343, 225-763-6343 (fax)

Copyright 2004
Thomson South-Western
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ISBN: 0-324-1700-X

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South-Western web site for the book
Anyone can access the above web site.  Choose the 6th edition and the link "Student Resources" to download:

Instructors who adopt the book receive an Instructor's Manual  that contains 

Instructors can register at the above site (click on "Instructor Resources") and download

If you want to order the book, I suggest Barnes and Noble.

For a list of corrections to the text and ancillaries visit the site. (Many authors hate to admit that their books have mistakes. They'd rather let you find them and hope you miss them. I'd rather tell you about them. If you find any more, please email me.)

Follow this link for a pdf file containing The Preface

Follow this link for a pdf containing a detailed Table of Contents.

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