An Introduction to Derivatives and Risk Management
10th edition (2016)

(Note:  This is the authors' site for this textbook.  It contains information about the book and also updates, corrections, etc.  The link for the publisher's site is contained within.)


ISBN:  978-10305-10496-9

Don Chance, Ph.D., CFA
James C. Flores Endowed Chair of MBA Studies and Professor of Finance
E. J. Ourso College of Business Administration
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA  70803
225-578-0372, 225-763-6343 (fax)

Robert Brooks, Ph.D., CFA
Wallace D. Malone Endowed Chair of Financial Management
Department of Finance
200 Alston Hall, Box 870224
Tuscaloosa, AL  35487
205-348-8987, 205-348-2951 (fax)

Copyright 2016
5191 Natorp Boulevard
Mason, OH  45040                                                                                                                
Publisher Contact Information

Publisher site for the book Follow the links to download spreadsheets and Powerpoints (you may have to be an instructor and register) 

Instructors who adopt the book receive electronic editions of the Instructor's Manual, which contains detailed solutions to all end-of-chapter problems, and the Test Bank, which contains multiple choice and true-false questions.  Software in the form of Excel spreadsheets is also available.

If you want to order the book, here's the Amazon link.

For a list of corrections to the text and ancillaries visit the site. (Many authors hate to admit that their books have mistakes. They'd rather let you find them and hope you miss them. I'd rather tell you about them. If you find any more, please email me.)

Follow this link for a pdf file containing The Preface

Follow this link for a pdf containing a detailed Table of Contents

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