Interesting or Unusual Places or Things I have Seen
(Don Chance)

I have traveled a lot (58 countries and about 120 foreign trips). I've done many of the  usual touristy things. They're great. But here are some things that are a bit different.

Machu Picchu (been there 2x, including 26 mile hike)

Stonehenge (been there 2x, including when you could walk among the stones; no longer allowed)

Great Wall of China

Pyramids of Egypt & Sphinx

Arctic Circle Monument on the Dalton Highway

Atomic Bomb Site (Peace Park) at Nagasaki

Mayan Pyramids at Chichen Itza (check it out while in Cancun)

Cradle of Humankind (South Africa)

Loch Ness (monstrous place)

Tabula Trajana (Roman plaque on Danube in Serbia)

Terra Cotta Warriors

Rock Structure of Decebalus (Roman carving on the Danube in Romania)

Panmunjom (38th parallel where N. And S. Korea meet; you can step into NK)

Checkpoint Charlie

Dachau Concentration Camp

Oberammergau (the once-in-decade Passion Play)

Eagles' Nest (mountain retreat of some German dictator)

Bran Castle (inspiration for Dracula; not very scary)

Cave of the Apocalypses of St. John on Patmos Island, Greece

Attic of Anne Frank

LaBrea Tar Pits (my favorite place in Southern California)

Battlefield of Waterloo

Valley of Elah (where David met Goliath)

Titanic Cemetery in Halifax

Top of Mont Blanc (in winter; tallest mountain in Europe; you can buy a pen there)

Mausoleum of Eva Peron

Cliffs of Moher (Atlantic coast of Ireland)

Taipei 101 (outside at the top)

Mekong Delta (Vietnam; what had been a beautiful ecosystem, now mismanaged to lifeless state)

Vienna Opera (box seats; though I don't like opera, this was a cool experience)

Bay of Fundy (New Brunswick; location of 40 foot tides)

Panama Canal (been there 2x)

Kalaupapa (Molokai leper colony; from a distance; hard to get to)

Pere Lachaise Cemetery (cemetary in Paris; see graves of JHim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, Edith Piaf and others)


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Last updated:  August 6, 2023