Essays in Derivatives

Don M. Chance


There is no shortage of highly technical books on derivatives.  Contrary to popular belief, however, there is a great deal that one can learn about derivatives without much math knowledge.  This must be true because the vast majority of people who work in derivatives are not mathematicians.  This book caters to beginners and those who would like to learn about derivatives without relying on math.  It is a collection of 70 short, non-technical essays on a variety of topics (see below) in derivatives. 

The average length of an essay is 1,300 words. There is a minimum of mathematics and virtually no graphs. Everything is in plain and simple English.



Copyright: New York:  John Wiley (1998)
323 pages
ISBN: 1-883249-46-5
Retail price: $40 - $50, depending on whom you are ordering from

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